Deb and Dave had been dating for some time and owned a dog and two cats.  Deb had made mention on occasion that if Dave were to propose, she would rather have a “proposal puppy” than an engagement ring.

One evening, Deb and Dave were watching the Friday news and Pet of the Week came on, featuring an adorable male pit bull/cattle dog mix with beautiful eyes.  When Dave heard the news say Nikko was dog and cat friendly, a bell went off in his head.

The next day, he secretly went to the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area to meet Nikko.   He knew Nikko was “the one” and he sent Deb a photo, and asked if she wanted to come to HSHA to meet Nikko.  Dave told Matt, the HSHA employee helping with the Meet and Greet, that Deb was his girlfriend but that she may be his Fiancé by the time they left.

Deb was excited to meet Nikko and instantly fell in love.  As she was on the floor petting Nikko, Dave got down on one knee sand said “This is your proposal puppy…”  Shocked, Deb said “Are you kidding me?”

Dave asked her to marry him, and she said yes!   Deb was completely surprised, had tears in her eyes, and gave him a big hug.

Nikko was not only the perfect “proposal puppy” but has been a perfect fit for the family. Deb said she is “so blessed to have him as her proposal puppy.”