Veterinary Resource Center: Providing All “Starr” Care

The Veterinary Resource Center (VRC) at the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area (HSHA) provides accessible, affordable veterinary care to pets in Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry Counties. With services including illness assessment and treatment options, diagnostic capabilities, x-rays, and dental and surgical services – the VRC is able to care for an array of sick and injured pets.

One such pet, a young Rottweiler named Starr, came through the VRC doors in very rough condition. Starr had a severe flea infestation. She was weak and could barely move and wasn’t eating. Upon examination, it was determined she was suffering from flea-bite anemia or critically low red cell count. Flea-bite anemia occurs when a pet suffers too much blood loss as a result of flea bites – without treatment, a severe case can be fatal.

Starr was seriously ill; she was in need of any immediate blood transfusion and control of her fleas.

The staff of the VRC was able to get a blood donation, for Starr’s transfusion, from a large pit bull mix that was at HSHA waiting to be adopted. That dog (who was ultimately adopted a short time later) was treated to lots of love, canned food and pizza crust for his gift to Starr. Starr responded well to the transfusion. She was able to go home after a few days of rest and supportive care at the VRC.

The owner was also provided educational resources and medicine on flea prevention and treatment. Starr left the VRC happy and, most importantly, healthier pup!