Two is Better Than One: Foster Kittens Clapton and Vaughan

These two kittens were found huddled in an alley in the City of Harrisburg on a cold fall evening, with their mother no where to be found. They weighed only one pound and both had upper respiratory infections and severe eye infections.

“Immediately upon arriving at the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area the staff warmed both kittens up on a heating pad and got them some food. The kittens were examined by the veterinarian, cleaned up, and started on antibiotics. They were also vaccinated, de-wormed and flea treated,” explained Aspasia Yeager, HSHA’s Foster Program Coordinator. “That night they slept great, surrounded by warm comfy blankets, toys, and lots more food.”

Within a few days of their arrival, an available foster home was found for Clapton and Vaughan. In their foster home they thrived- they became healthier, put on weight, and spent hours running around and playing. After every play session they would find each other and fall asleep side by side, as they had done even on the cold city streets of Harrisburg.

When they returned to the shelter ready for adoption, both kittens were healthy, friendly, and well socialized with other cats and dogs. Because they were so outgoing and healthy, it did not take very long for them to be adopted. They were both adopted by the same family and are currently living the good life in their forever home, an outcome which surely would have been different without the aid and intervention of HSHA, its foster program, and foster parents.

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