Each year HSHA recognizes several key individuals that have truly exemplified and embodied the organization’s mission, to build a better community for pets and people. The annual Fur Ball Gala & Auction is the perfect stage to recognize these amazing shelter supporters for their hard work, dedication, and unwavering passion.

2019 Community Partner of the Year: McClure Company

Each year, the employees of McClure Company, a mechanical contracting, engineering, maintenance and energy service organization, choose an area charity for their fundraising efforts.  With a number of animal lovers at McClure, choosing the Humane Society was an easy decision to make.   The company does internal fundraisers, with the majority of the money raised coming in from pre-paid dress down days (McClure offers a 50% discount for anyone that pays for dress down days in advance).  Through these $5 Dress Down Days, flower sales, candy sales, hoagie sales, soda says and an in-house luncheon, they raised $6,423! 


2019 Volunteer of the Year: Tiffany Rynoff-Linta

Tiffany Rymoff-Linta has been a cat volunteer at HSHA since January of 2012 and has dedicated hundreds of hours each year to helping the animals. As a volunteer, she has made numerous contributions above and beyond what was expected and was even nominated for the United Way volunteer of the year award in 2014. Tiffany frequently donates needed items, assists with offsite events, helps solicit donations for fundraisers, and contributed in the development of the cat socializer guide used by all cat volunteers at HSHA. Tiffany’s passion for helping cats extends outside of HSHA. She is so dedicated to the well-being of cats, that she is also an active volunteer with Steelton Community Cats.

2019 Employee of the Year: A’niya Sanders

Aniya started here as a part-time animal caretaker in August of 2015.  She was quickly promoted to full time status in September since she was an exemplary and reliable employee.  She was promoted to Kennel Staff Trainer in May of 2017.  She was promoted to Assistant Kennel Supervisor in February of this year.  She was trained and authorized to perform euthanasia in May of this year.  She completed Adult CPR/First Aid certification in July, also of this year.  Seminar- Crash Course for the First-Time Supervisor on 7/9/19. Completed Cremator Operator Training in August of this year.  Director of Resident Services, Nicole Besic, said of says of Aniya “I have enjoyed watching Aniya grow as a leader over the years and succeed at every task I have thrown her way!  She always knows what needs done before I even ask her. “

2019 Foster Parent of the Year: Jennifer Connor

Jennifer and her family began fostering for the shelter in 2018. Jennifer was already a seasoned pro at caring for baby kittens when she joined our foster team (having fostered for other organizations in the past). Over the last two years she has fostered dozens of homeless kittens for HSHA. She has also become one of our go-to foster parents to care for momma cats with nursing kittens. These litters can be a lot of work and can require up to 8 weeks in foster care. They are some of the hardest to find placement for. But kittens that can stay with their mom and wean naturally tend to be healthier and well-adjusted socially, making them better candidates for adoption and setting them up for a great start in life. Having a foster home that is willing to take these litters is very special and a reason we wish to honor Jennifer this evening.   Jennifer’s two daughters Sofie and Emma help to care for and socialize the kittens in their home and so we want to thank them as well for all of their help. Sofie and Emma brighten the staff’s day when they stop in at the shelter with their mom for their foster kittens’ veterinary checkup appointments. It’s always fun to see what cool dresses they are wearing and to hear about how the kittens are doing at home. Emma often climbs right in to the arms of whatever staff member is nearby to share a hug. These girls keep us laughing and smiling and have become a part of our extended family at HSHA.